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WTF Nasa tries to run Crysis?

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I just got this months issue of Game Informer and In the Game Infarcer section of the mag there was this article… it made me ROFL.

Beware your tax dollars are being used for the greater good………… of gaming that is.

NASA Crysis article

For those who cant read it because of small font or w/e , what the article is talking about is that NASA built a super computer in order to run EA’s FPS Crysis (which is known for its crysis engine 2 graphics) on max graphical settings which is almost impossible unless you have hard earned tax payers money? lol.

Well they accomplished it but it lasted 10 minutes then they had a system failure… owned? I found this ridiculous but very very funny at the same time. Has EA set a new benchmark for the future? or is Crysis FUTURE PROOF lol?

(this is most likely fake, I believe it is so do not take any of it too seriously)


Diablo III?

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Diablo III fan logo

Well I for one am a Diablo fan and when I saw this I flipped, on mmosite there was this post with the heading “Diablo III or World Of Diablo?”. Well it turns out that on Blizzards job opportunity page (which usually has alot of openings) there was a job opening which read like this…

“The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for a skilled lead 3D level designer with experience building levels using Maya or other similar 3D level building tools. The ideal candidate has experience creating levels in a senior or lead role on a shipped game. We would also like for this candidate to have excellent analytical understanding of competitive online play with various Blizzard Entertainment games and mods (real-time strategy, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, etc.). The lead level designer needs to be able to create fun and interesting environments that look and play great while managing and mentoring a team of additional level designers. Skills in scripting or general 3D modeling/texturing are preferred.” posted by Blizzard.

Is this awesome or what!? All I have to say is that for all you that fit this requirement get to it and make me my new addiction. Diablo II was awesome and the expansion LOD (lord of destruction) was ownage as well. I hope they make this one WAY better then the rest. This news doesn’t necessarily mean this will lead to a Diablo III since blizzards keeping it under wraps as “Top Secret” but I just can’t stop believing it will be.

Does anyone have any information on the matter to make my day better then what it already is?

BRAWL…Brawl…brawl… *yawn*

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Well today my buddies came over and we gave Super Smash Brothers Brawl one of our own test runs. Our style of playing smash is usually a 99 stock match with 1.0 damage ratio and items on low. We played about 8 hours straight (nothing compared to what we usually did with melee), I myself was testing out all the characters in order to see if I would use one of the new guys. Well I came to a conclusion that instead of trying to play a new character I’m just going to drop the game as a whole. Now you guys out there might be like “WHAT! your a noob, brawl owns” well I just happen to disagree with all the nerfs and speed changes done to the game.

I personally love the new features, new stages, new items, and new characters added to the game and the cut scenes are hilarious, but I can’t accept the gameplay speed change. They made the gameplay slower, the wave dashing is gone (even though that was originally not intended in melee either it was discovered “GLITCH”) and a couple of the BEST characters from Melee have been nerfed. Here are 2 of my favorite characters and what I’ve seen nerfed SO FAR.

  • Cpt Falcon: His electric knee attack does not do as much damage nor does it have as much of an impact, and his reaction time is not as fast.
  • Fox: major strength nerfs in the jumping up smash attack, and also his up special attack.

Well this is open for discussion and for flaming but please if you have not played Super Smash Brothers Melee AND Brawl then do not post any comments. How do you guys feel about brawl? O yea and one last thing DO NOT even think about using the online feature….. Lag much?

P.S: For the first time ever I actually got bored playing Smash Bros game

World of warcraft power leveling record broken?

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I found this while looking around and I found myself in total AW. Well apparently someone has broken World of warcraft’s power leveling record (which I thought there wasn’t even there to be broken) which supposively was 5 days to get from level 1-60 , a famous WOW player named Athene managed to break this record which totally impressed me. Here is a piece of the original post from MMOSITE detailing Athene’s record.

World famous World of Warcraft player ‘Athene’ has now broken all 3 world records in World of Warcraft speed-powerlevelling of a character (from 1 to 60, 60-70 and 1-70).

The exact records he set are:

1-60: 1 day, 2 hours and 50 minutes
60-70: 16 hours and 49 minutes
1-70: 1 day, 19 hours and 39 minutes

The previous world record of levelling from 1 to 60 was almost 5 days, Athene managed to do it in just one.

Now in my opinion this to me is virtually impossible to do without the use of other third party programs, or playing on a private server. But the article claims this to be true and Athene gave screenshots of his chat with Nepriuun. (see images below) Well all in all I will do some more research on the matter but from the looks of it, this seems to be legit and I give alot of props to Athene for this amazing feat.
Athene Proof 1Athene Proof 2

This was done with a druid called ‘Tanialol’ on the World of Warcraft realm ‘Stormscale’, which is the most competitive realm in all of Europe.

To game or not to game?

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I have put myself in a certain situation, I think alot of people might have experienced themselves. I recently stopped playing Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox360 for the lack of upadtes and features that the PC version does have. Ever since I stopped playing I have had trouble going back to the Xbox360 as a whole. I jumped back into PC gaming for a bit and now I do not want to stop.

Have I purchased an Xbox360 for no reason? or are the games for the 360 just slacking at this point in time? (aside from Devil May Cry 4 and Army Of Two). I have done some in depth analysis and its as simple as the 360 games at this point do not have any replay value. The only thing keeping some of these games interesting are the “ACHIEVEMENTS” they have, another reason they have no replay value is the lack of updates which MICROSOFT themselves have to evaluate before release.

I am still a Xbox360 fan but in my opinion there is something about the games that keeps making me go back to my PC. This post was just something that was nagging at me which had to be said, and was not intended to demoralize the Xbox360 community.