World of warcraft power leveling record broken?

I found this while looking around and I found myself in total AW. Well apparently someone has broken World of warcraft’s power leveling record (which I thought there wasn’t even there to be broken) which supposively was 5 days to get from level 1-60 , a famous WOW player named Athene managed to break this record which totally impressed me. Here is a piece of the original post from MMOSITE detailing Athene’s record.

World famous World of Warcraft player ‘Athene’ has now broken all 3 world records in World of Warcraft speed-powerlevelling of a character (from 1 to 60, 60-70 and 1-70).

The exact records he set are:

1-60: 1 day, 2 hours and 50 minutes
60-70: 16 hours and 49 minutes
1-70: 1 day, 19 hours and 39 minutes

The previous world record of levelling from 1 to 60 was almost 5 days, Athene managed to do it in just one.

Now in my opinion this to me is virtually impossible to do without the use of other third party programs, or playing on a private server. But the article claims this to be true and Athene gave screenshots of his chat with Nepriuun. (see images below) Well all in all I will do some more research on the matter but from the looks of it, this seems to be legit and I give alot of props to Athene for this amazing feat.
Athene Proof 1Athene Proof 2

This was done with a druid called ‘Tanialol’ on the World of Warcraft realm ‘Stormscale’, which is the most competitive realm in all of Europe.


8 Responses to “World of warcraft power leveling record broken?”

  1. Consider that leveling has been made way easier with 2.3.
    Now, just imagine stacking enough pots/elixirs to be throwing them ALL the time.
    Oh, and imagine sending yourself 1-2k gold and a few 18 slot (or maybe even 20 slot) bags right in the beginning.

    So, i think it can be done – but why the heck would you?!

  2. Dionadar you bring about a good point but I still have my doubts. Ever since 2.3 levels 1 – 60 are way easier then before but still I think considering everything you mentioned, this is still a feat that I consider impossible. I need more proof then the given screenshots.

  3. Well, the problem with such things is that whatever they did, there is no chance to validate that it happened a certain way.

    It is not like we could test the blood of the character for testosterone doping 😉

  4. Lol your right, thanks alot fo the feed back dionadar.

  5. Looking at this page here : and seeing how little reputation this character has to any faction, is pretty clear the leveling was not done through questing. Probably the character leveled 100% through being boosted in instances, using “Rested” state etc

  6. Dionadar you are just foolish sir. Considering he DID stack mass pots and bags and sent his char 1-2k gold do you think that will make him suddenly level at THUPER INCREDIBLE SPEEDS? I highly doubt it. Even if you did such nonsense its not the fact he had access to loads if money its the fact he leveled at amazing speeds. How I ask you are bags and $$ going to help him in anyway to level THAT fast?

  7. Well if one took time to just level rested this doesnt seem totally impossible.. Say levelling to level 6, then waiting in Inn to 150% rested and so on and so forth… Takes a while in “real” time but played is considerably lower….

  8. Did you ever sit down to drink mana/eat hp? Well? Ever eaten a pot every friggin two minutes? And not the “Oh they are available” kind of pots, but actually the biggest you can lay hand on?

    Do you have any idea what an [Arcane Elixir] does to a level 37 character?

    Do you not remember how long it took the very first lvl 70 character to do the 60-70?

    Even people who don’t really put their weight on it can do lvl 70 in a good amount of under 10 days.

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