WTF Nasa tries to run Crysis?

I just got this months issue of Game Informer and In the Game Infarcer section of the mag there was this article… it made me ROFL.

Beware your tax dollars are being used for the greater good………… of gaming that is.

NASA Crysis article

For those who cant read it because of small font or w/e , what the article is talking about is that NASA built a super computer in order to run EA’s FPS Crysis (which is known for its crysis engine 2 graphics) on max graphical settings which is almost impossible unless you have hard earned tax payers money? lol.

Well they accomplished it but it lasted 10 minutes then they had a system failure… owned? I found this ridiculous but very very funny at the same time. Has EA set a new benchmark for the future? or is Crysis FUTURE PROOF lol?

(this is most likely fake, I believe it is so do not take any of it too seriously)


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